Stoned Junkee

[Pimp C:]
Snap, crackle, and pop goes the big bowl
Nigga fiendin' but steady holdin' wit' a tight hold
No more crack but steady pullin' wit' a tight pull
All fucked up and eyes redder than a red bull
Look at that, I bet she don't know where her kids at
Used to be all that, now she's dating Mr. Crack
Had her first when she was 13 now he's 11 years
And he standin on Texas, sellin' rocks and drinkin' beers
She got another girl, she's 8, stayed with her aunt and uncle
But uncle's sick, cause every night she's suckin' on
Her uncle's dick, who can she tell? Nobody gives a fuck
She tells anybody she fucks him she'll get fucked up
So the shit keeps goin' on for another six
14 and now she's tired of suckin' uncle's dick
Got a .38 from her girlfriend in school
Went home, loaded it up and cold smoked the fool
Cause he's a

[Hook - Sung by Pimp C:]
Stoned Junkee, stoned, stoned junkee
Stoned Junkee, stoned, stoned junkee
Stoned Junkee, stoned, stoned junkee
Stoned Junkee, stoned, stoned junkee
Lord, lord, lord
Lord, lord, lord
Lord, lord, lord
Lord, lord, lord

[Bun B:]
I live in every city, I stand on every block
I'm beggin' from everybody so I could smoke any and every rock
You see I'm homeless, I'm broke, I stink
I got some fucked up teeth and I'm addicted so I can't
For them kids lunch money, a child I would choke
And clothesline your granny for some change so I could take a toke
You see I'm not in my right mind,
So I'm hopin' that I can get some dope in my system by night time
So to make a lil' cash, I might wipe me a windshield or pump gas,
Or take your purse and dash,
Try'na to make a deal witcha, huh
But if I can't get a dime for 6, fool I'm 'bout to get cha
Don't fuck up and let me taste it
Cause I'mma chip your shit, take my lil' piece and freebase it
I ain't nothin' but a clucker, your typical glass dick sucker
Basehead, geekin' motherfucker
Just call me a...


[Mr. 3-2:]
And I'm still rollin' a fattie but I'm dippin' it into that water
And makin' me a wet daddy, the green monster
Tameka be tellin' me not to do it
But everyday I find myself full of that fuckin' embalming fluid
Yeah, so you can certify me as a fiend,
And if you smoke dip fool you know what I mean
Now let me lean to the motherfuckin' left
Start walkin' fast and get my blast by my goddamn self
That's how it goes, movin' slow in the south
A stone cold junkee with some drugs in his mouth
High till I die, and fry is all it takes
Don't make me catch a case by pumpin' them slugs in your face
I'm at the geekin' stage so you better not trust me
And I'll still buck you down, motherfucker if you buck me
So close the top of the toilet cause it's finna get funky
I'm smokin' like a fiend cause I'm a stone cold junkee

[ad-libs till end]