The Tartarus Impalement

A perfect climax.
Empty words and feeble souls fined in unholy lore.
Those to be avenged, dormant in their graves.
A dismal horizon of vigilance.
Sworn to stillness.
Obscured by intentful shadows.
A cell for all to view with pleasure.
The end is before our eyes.
Lay down your lives, today is a good day to die.
Today is a good day to die.
Almighty archaic exalted one, hear my invoking of power.
Accept my body through your marvelous gates.
Devour the essence of light.
Our vengeance has risen, unburied from shallow graves.
Our rage is infinite.
Crushed by the weight of lust he fails to perceive the truth directly before his eyes.
Too daft and obsessed with fortune, dismissing internal cries.
I'll never forget it, the day they came. I remember it like it was yesterday.
I still see my family... I still them petrified under that light.
That purple glow you see right before they...
I wonder what it would've been like if I were older, if I truly understood then what was actually happening around me, maybe I could've saved them.
Maybe I could've stopped all of this from happening.
Maybe things would've been different.
I don't know. Twenty seven years later, and here we still are.
Still clinging to life, still desperately running away.
And you know what? It just gets worse, and it will continue to get worse if we don't make a difference here, today.
Although we can save the rest of them, nothing will ever be the same.
Nothing will ever be the same.
I have lost all I had, everything I am.
Everything that once was, now a shadow on the ground, a memory that couldn't be anything more than sorrow and fury.
I'll never see home again, never comfort my wife as she mourns, and I'll never hear the cries of my firstborn son.
How can I possibly continue on?
If victory is achieved, as order restores life will permit me to take who I love and grasp them tight, for I will return home and finish this fight.
The vessel of infinite lies, devouring the essence of light.
Lurking in the shadows, luck and wisdom coincide.
Pernicious, dangerous, detrimental, a malevolent, sinister mortal stabbing the miscreant.
The Tartarus impalement.
Ready for war, standing before, the impending end of all things to come.
Your grisly structure compliments the cold heart forged between your black lungs.
Repent, or revel in your dying art as I force your copse into the ground.
Taking our lives. Immune to pain.
Breaking our bones. Bludgeoned to death.
Suddenly a weakness appears.
The brute is stabbed through the back.
The duel of enemies ceases as Tartarus falls down to his knees.
The defilement of hierarchs silenced by the world, swallowed in martyrous lore.
Tonight, victory is mine!
Die, taker of lives!
Tonight's victory is mine!