Murda Murda

This yuh wanna grand murda [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Yo the other day me go a downtown fi shop
Take out card and me take out all guap
Tell security fi meet me round back
In a the alley way by the maybach
As fo' me you know mi love big
Me gold chain and mi love big rock
Level, this yuh one shot, good pussy a go end him, bloodclaat

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
The other day some gyal a call me man
Me say 'hold on where me machine gun'
Gyal a shot, I kill pussyhole fo' fun
Any way, me and him done
As fo' me you know me ice out me watch
And when me dance right under pot crotch
Level, this here the catch, protect the weed leave the what!

[Hook x2 + ad libs:]
(Look how me shape up nice)
(And all the man want wife)
(And the gyal want fight)
(ah what...ah what)

Hold on, yes, just sit it down
Cause when I'm in ya town all a them come around
Blazin', plus they sitting clean
Amazin' lemme ge-get the green
Cause all my bitches go, yes them bitches go
And you a no show, that's the way it go
The keys to my Bimmer, you in a dilemma
So could you hit the kitchen and go fix the Queen some dinner, will yuh!?

[Hook x2 + ad libs]