10 grand and cologne long on my dresser
I'm a natural born finesser [x3]
A pimp hand, got these hoes breaking cheddar
I'm a natural born finesser [x3]

[Short Dawg:]
Ain't nobody stretching, even on the stretcher
Trying to test us
Niggas screaming T.R.U, we like masseuse applying pressure
If that's you're girl arrest her
Ho get out of line, I corrected her
Know this shit [?] surrounded by squares like a checker
Migo got that work, buy us every decker
Shouts to Hector
You know [?] can school me
Bitch be making movies, lots of extras
Paid a fortune for the lean
Plus I'm clean, pimping in my jeans
[?] off your queen, bend it over, make her scream
She probably seen...


[Short Dawg:]
Money long as Lexus, put the weed you smoking on a stretcher
Puffing on that trash, you don't blow no gas like a Tesla
Imma stack this cake, all there acting fake for the wrestlers
Party in my place, grab your bag let's [?]
Imma text her tell her: "Imma show my nigga no affection"
Put her on a pose, now we [?]
Give me all my ho, give me all my cheese
What you mean? Pimping in my jeans
The chick of your dreams? I just kicked her out
And she ain't miss to see


I bet she didn't know for every different ho
I got a different flow
PRPF them foes, [?] ho, regard on [?]
I might free the ho
Get the G's in flow
Pimping got a ho on the brusher
I'm a natural born caresser
I might fuck her on the strecther
I might make a little money, leave it all on the dresser
And they say "Money tall" but it's a [?]
I'm kicking it like Messi
It's [?] and you can't do nothing right to a lefty
Gown on my Nina, got them standing right next to us
Spraying it with both hands bitch I'm ambidextrous 2014 All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners and are strictly for educational purposes only.