Been Dropped A Sac

[Hook x2: Takeoff]
Been dropped a sac on the whip
Been dropped a sac on the chain
Been dropped a sac on the ride
Been dropped a sac on the Range
Been finessing the plug
Nigga been sold them drugs
Been dropped a sac on the Tru's
Robin jeans with the stud

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I done been dropped a sac on the whip
I been dropped a sac on the chain
I done been fucked your main
I done been finessing in the game
I done been posted up on the block
I done been running from the cops
Got the dope, all up in my sock
And the J's always wanna knock
When they come knocking at my door
Bout 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning
They be asking, they be itching for the dope
They be asking, they be asking for my coke
Wanna pop a bean, wanna smoke?
Nigga tell me what you'd do for the dope
[?] and a nigga gonna give him.4
I pull out, Maserati, smelling like that kush cologne
Waiting on big bruh to come home, counting up checks while I'm getting dome
Sipping on lean, out the styrofoam
Got an extendo filled up with strong
I just fucked up a check, I'm about to get it back
Bout to bounce back like ping-pong

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Drop the sac, drop the sac
Fuck check up get it right back
My niggas don't know how to act
And I still got bricks like Shaq
Went to sleep today off the Act
Gassed up but I ain't got cataracts
In the strip club [?]
Hit the block then I fuck up them bags
Hit the lot, drop a sac on a Jag
Then drop another sac for the stash
I don't want to talk less it's bout cash
Got a foreign bitch and she love to pop xans
Drop a sac, put it in the trash can
Good pack smelling like the trash can
These 12 be looking for the work
Disappear I clear my hands
Then I pull of in a Range Rover
Trying to sack up with my nigga Sosa
No triple-A, yeah the game over
Wrap the pack up, ship it overseas
I got anything a nigga need
Them xans, or that lean, that kush [?] with no seeds

[Hook x2]