Cut The Shit

Metal’s got a lot of problems, here’s one
people who enforce the dress code
Because you’re the self-appointed poser police
Stop with that shit

Judging people for not being trve enough
Like you were born with your ebay high-tops
Bragging about how you called someone out
Don’t be a dick

We don’t need you guarding the gate
It’s not us against them, so just cut the shit
Stop worrying about posers
Stop worrying about posers

Oh, are you evil? I’m so impressed
Your band’s satanic? Well I’m really scared
I heard your lyrics brought down the church
Oh, did they not?

What rebels, you and the rest of the flock
may want to open up a thesaurus because
The darkness of evil of evil of darkness, hey,
It’s all been done

Blasphemy is trite, get a new thing
Un-invert your T’s and cut the shit
Stop worrying about posers
Stop worrying about posers

Metal’s supposed to be fun

Every hobby’s got that guy who thinks that it’s his job to keep everybody in line
And the dummy that thinks he’s being edgy by saying what someone else said back in ‘89

One more thing
Your political lyrics really made me think
Washington is full of liars? You just blew my mind!
You watched LOOSE CHANGE on youtube once and
now you’re a pro

Conspiracy theories and armchair denouncements
But you’re the guy that’s got it all figured out
Well it’s too bad you’re in a metal band, because
Nothing will change

If you care, you’re in the wrong field
“Read a book?” How ‘bout you write a riff and just cut the shit

Cut the shit
Cut the shit