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(2012) - "Warrior"


Kesha (KESHA) Warrior

Die Young

Kesha (KESHA) Die Young


Kesha (KESHA) C'mon

Thinking Of You

Kesha (KESHA) Thinking Of You

Crazy Kids

Kesha (KESHA) Crazy Kids

Wherever You Are

Kesha (KESHA) Wherever You Are

Dirty Love

Kesha (KESHA) Dirty Love


Kesha (KESHA) Wonderland


Kesha (KESHA) Supernatural

Love Into The Light

Kesha (KESHA) Love Into The Light

Last Goodbye

Kesha (KESHA) Last Goodbye

Gold Trans Am

Kesha (KESHA) Gold Trans Am

Out Alive

Kesha (KESHA) Out Alive

Past Lives

Kesha (KESHA) Past Lives 2014 All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners and are strictly for educational purposes only.