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(2017) - The Beautiful & Damned

Love Is Gone

G-Eazy Love Is Gone Drew Love


G-Eazy Eazy Son Lux

The Beautiful & Damned

G-Eazy The Beautiful & Damned Zoe Nash

Pray For Me

G-Eazy Pray For Me

Him & I

G-Eazy Him & I Halsey

But A Dream

G-Eazy But A Dream


G-Eazy Sober Charlie Puth


G-Eazy Legend

No Limit

G-Eazy No Limit A$AP Rocky Cardi B

The Plan

G-Eazy The Plan

That's A Lot

G-Eazy That's A Lot

Pick Me Up

G-Eazy Pick Me Up Anna of the North


G-Eazy Gotdamn


G-Eazy Leviathan Sam Martin

Crash & Burn

G-Eazy Crash & Burn Kehlani

Charles Brown

G-Eazy Charles Brown E-40 Jay Ant

No Less

G-Eazy No Less Louis Mattrs SG Lewis

Mama Always Told Me

G-Eazy Mama Always Told Me Madison Love

Fly Away

G-Eazy Fly Away Ugochi