Til' now I always got by on my own (On my own)
I never really cared til' I met you (Til' I met you)

Uh, This wasn't typical for me don't confuse it
Only thing I've ever loved before you was music
Took my heart and bruised it, You ain't give a fuck
I guess you never know what you have til' you lose it
I know soon you'll probably see it all clear
And realize you lost a real love
Who was here for you unconditionally, but it's ugly
Now years down the line, you reminisce to the point you shed a tear
But I'll be long gone and I never will appear in you're life no more
So gimme 'bout a year, Turn on the radio and I'll be all that you can hear
And you'll be mad you ever went and let me disappear
Now it's only my dreams that I run to
It just sucks that one of them will never come true
You did some shit that you can't Apple "Z" undo
You cocked back and shot me down witch'ya gun boo
And I still got the wounds that'll prove it
What the fucks the point of having love if you lose it?
Took the energy, that's what I go into the booth with
Now I write a song from my heart, You abuse it
And paint the picture of a love lost
Now I know I can't afford the price love cost
Feelin' feeble and weak from the blood loss seeping from my chest
Now I know it just ain't what it once was

[Hook x2]

And since you peaced every day has been a struggle to
Maintain sane when I know I'm still in love with you
Seeing you around with somebody else touchin' you, I'm sick to my stomach wondering is he fuckin' you?
And I know I'm buggin' too, wishin' I could let it go and stop thinkin' 'bout you
But I can't forget it though
You were my queen and you were my dream, til' you turned nightmare I just wanna scream
Somebody please pinch me, I just gotta wake up
I just keep missin' how it was before the break up
Stuck in the past when you were my ace
I just hope you know you could never be replaced
It burns like mace in my face, a vodka shot straight no chase, When I think of us being erased
But you don't feel the same, showin' no empathy
Whatever fuck it, I guess it wasn't meant to be
Aha ha, It is what it is, Take it how you want it."

[Hook x4]