Love Will Save The Day

[Woman's voice:] It really is a revolution.

The pornography made me do it
So those drugs that got us high
Was the thoughts of revolution
They've been poisoning my mind
So I'm walking down to the water
You keep coming up for air
All those people, they don't give a damn
They just stood around and stare
And I say,

Love will save the day [x4]

Come on sell me more of your religion
'cause it's sure to make a change
Last night god was on the TV screen
Taking dollars for their pain
Come on talk about that evolution
It's been poisoning my mind
I've been looking for a saviour
I've been waiting for a sign
And I said,

Love will save the day [x4]

I am walking
I am breathing
I can't hold you
I can't set you free

[Woman's voice:] We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen or those earned. We are really talking about Humanism.

Love will save the day
If love will save the day [x2]
If love will save today

Maybe tomorrow [x10]