Spades, Clubs & Diamonds

[Hook - David:]
You'll find (echo)
You'll find what's best
Spades, clubs and diamonds
Answer with a wild guess
In due time my friend

[Verse 1 - Carter:]
Won't let it get out of control
But ya come back when ever the wind blow
And ya got motives I need to know
Well, this the third time that you've wanted more, yeah
I don't wanna but gotta forget about ya
Everything that we do you'd go announcing
I'm here when you want me? nah I won't allow it
Expecting me to get down and start bowing
Can't read your mind just say it
It's like when you cry in the rain
Well I can't tell how you feel girl
And I don't know why you're here girl
But you gotta hear first
My commitment isn't a gift that just gets given when you want it
I'm searching for who deserves it and won't stop until I've found it
But if sleeping home alone means I'm on my way
Then you and I should call it a day

[Bridge - David:]
Forget it man I ought to fold 'em
Put these cards out on the table
That's the best that a man should know
Thought I had chance but I read it wrong

[Hook - David:]
You'll find what's best
Spades, clubs and diamonds
Answer with a wild guess
In due time my friend

[Verse 2 - Carter:]
We crossed that bridge a long time ago
So why the fuck did you return to burn it
Our destinations in the same direction
But you're the one who keeps on turning baby
They were always saying good for them
Through the thick and the thin
But they spoke too early
Don't renew a book that you've already read
It brings nothing but hurting
I see through bull shit and take in good things
But you've left me with memories of what we coulda been
The clock moves faster our time moves backwards
Wind up waiting on a beautiful disaster
But ya sugar and spice
Had me enticed
But now I'm losing my mind
Wind up dead or alive
Course I got feelings for my past couple exes
But life's on the highway and they're missed exits



[Verse 3 - David:]
I can't lie
I thought it wouldn't be so bad
But I tried
To keep you in my life
Cause this is
Really all I had to say
I wish
You would
Really love me back again
Like you once did