Pretty Lady (Around Me)

[Hook - Dave:]
Pretty lady, what’s your number?
Won’t you tell me where you’re going after this?
I see you struttin’ round in your short skirt
Bet you’re headed to the beach by the bayside
I just want you around me, I just want you around

[Verse 1 - Carter:]
Are you a 6-1-7 or 5-0-8?
Got me ridin on I­-95 straight to your place
It won’t be spoken about, it’s celebration
Baby what we smokin to now?
How bout that body, your out of town smile
Or the fact that I haven’t gotten down in a while
Sall good though
I’ll get ya screamin in the front row
The correct information makes it all happen

And me in your bed could make us all happy
No downside can’t ya see that now?
Yoga mat in your arms well I don’t know how
I didn’t notice that before, by the ocean every morning
Gettin to you know is on my list of importance
Gotta assist with the scoring
Got a mission before me
Just listen up to this recording

[Hook - Dave:]
I want somebody to need this body [x2]

[Verse 2 - Carter:]
You’ll learn I’m honest, I keep my promises
Make you love me not what’s in my wallet
And I’ll show you the strongest
How the other side of the pond is
Don’t know me, then you don’t know modest
One quick pace and ya face got me brainwashed
Sun came out and the god damn rain stopped
10/10 you gotta aim up
Burnt brown hair and an Hermes tank top
What you wanna do? Ill give you one minute
Obvious attraction you and me it’s physics
Let me know if you wanna get in it
It’s something new baby get widdit

[Hook - Dave]