Movin' It

[Intro - Carter:]
You can hear the party from a mile away
Unmatched smile got the style and grace
So if you wanna move lets find the pace
Walkin up like by the way
Hey lady what it is?
Scoop 'em up, no sweat, 81 degrees
Gymnast body, no flyin' trapeze
Have your friends bring they friends like one two three

[Hook - Dave:]
Don’t give it up so fast
I could show you how to groove with it
Don’t give it up so fast
Ey girl, keep movin' it
Don’t give it up so fast
I think I might choose you miss
Don’t give it up so fast
Everybody’s still doin’ it

[Verse 1 - Carter:]
There’s moves to be made and I was made to make moves
There’s lotta talent here that needs to break loose
On the floor with four girls so that’s eight shoes
Didn’t see that shake so lemme get take two?
Oh shit I’m at the bar again
And this my own tux didn’t borrow it
I told that chick I’m an artisan
On a trek to find out what karma is, cuz Ha!
All it really was was one dance
Initiated by one glance
And it was just common sense
And I gotta admit I’m a little bit impressed
It’s a story bout a girl ill survive to tell
Seems like I’m alive and well
Looks like Kelly K from saved by the bell
These are rhythmic secrets we ain’t never gonna tell

[Hook - Dave]

[Bridge x2 - Carter:]
Girl shake that body, that’s why you’re here
What else you gonna do girl? I thought I made it clear
Go on shake that body, what else you gonna do?
That’s what happens with the FAM crew

[Verse 2 - Carter:]
Well I don’t care if she’s driving
Takin me home we in private
Make sure I won’t be drunk dialin'
Chemistry’s keeping all night and day
I’m one of the son of a guns
Who can get a good nun to get up and get drunk
I’ll end up with a mom and a blunt at your spot
I’m takin it straight w a couple of rocks
I’m complacent I’m not really someone to talk
A face off at 4 in the morning
I know I’m all for it, so baby lets rock

[Hook - Dave]