[Verse 1 - Carter:]
Bad judgement and unbuckled belts
Too busy doing something else
Flirting with regret while the ice in my scotch melts
Too short sighted to see the morning of guilt
Rules broken by unspoken agreements
Five backslides won’t help the healing
Direct contact that’s way too recent
But I feel too good to notice a bad feeling
Too much liquor is never the sole reason
Order another pitcher til my heart stops beating
Caught in a daze but my lungs still breathing
Slave to an impulse I’m just a human being
2 AMs an enemy yeah it’s my darkest hour
Park across the street and come meet me up in the shower
Ending a situation that started with a flower
In a grey area I’m about to get devoured

[Chorus - Dave:]
And she moan every time I’m in it
Undecided but I find her with me
Judgement cloudy cuz the booze been in me
Wake up and she’s by my left
Please tell me that we ain’t have sex
Her cigarette taste all on my breath

[Verse 2 - Carter:]
Temporary satisfaction
Urges of young passion
Creating chaos in an orderly fashion
If I’m lucky I’ll remember a fraction
I should be elsewhere but this a welcomed distraction
Spending every evening together like olden days
But everything’s changed
Her jeans still have the acid wash stains
And my neck still gets tangled up with my chains
Personal gains

Keep telling myself it’s all right
Caught a cab underneath the star shine
Shadow of her skin on the wall from the hall light
Keep yourself warm on a late fall night
But I’m guilty, and I’ll admit to that
Heart’s losing but my body is winnin’ now, vicious cycle
Stuck among it, bad conscience that can’t stop running

[Chorus - Dave]