Above My Floor

[Chorus - Dave:]
I never wanna know ya
I think I see him walking
Collide with the ghost above my floor
High, headed up the corner
I think I see him walking
Say hi to the ghost I won’t become

[Verse 1 - Carter:]
He and I could fight all night
But he is me, so get this right
I’m torn inside but act so bright
And who to be i can’t decide

So I’ll roll the rest up, rid the pressure
Diesel from forty, on top the dresser
Inhale the smoke, I’ll clean the mess up
Opaque hope, extreme measures
Indulge in all types of pleasures
Don’t talk to him I can explain it much better

Imma medicate myself if I want to
Not a level head and will say anything bout you
Looking in the mirror finding someone to shout to
The answer’s in the haze so I’ll figure it out soon
I’m keeping up cuz I’m fast learner
Tryna disregard my evil as the worlds turnin
The ego in each of us wants to eat through the furnace
And then heat up your house and just laugh it off as it’s burning

[Chorus - Dave]

[Verse 2 - Carter:]
I’ve learned to pick quality over quantity
When does confident become cocky?
What if i told you that’s not me
Hiding behind expensive liquor and kawasakis
The diamond’s getting bigger I’m in the rough of the rockies
Power trippin, tricked into giving the guy who brought me
What he deserves, been on my nerves
Despite it all i can find the courage
I’m high in attic, so close to the angels

But he’s in the basement playing games with the devil
I’m tryna get out and see the world from all angles
He only wants to stay in and polish up all his medals
Spun out in the city makes it hard to say I’m stable
Ain’t giving up for nothing no homie I won’t settle
Crumbs crushed up on the old wooden table
High above the problems is me having my head up