I'm Coming Swinging

Bring it to the ring
Stick and Move
Let's see who the last man standin
You fucking wit a killa for real

[Verse 1]
This time I'm comin swingin
With my hatchet high
I'm about to let it loose
Cause it's do or die
Go ahead and tell somebody
Spread the word to the streets
ABK done lost his mind
Now he's disturbed his peace
Hey I don't give a shit
And you could let it be know
And Imma let it be shown
Mother fucker I'm grown
Imma swing if I want to
And you can't stop me
It's too hard to do if ya weak and sloppy
Put yo fist up
Swing em til somebody cries
Supersize a hater up with a order of knuckle fries
Let em see just how we doin
And what it's like to have somebody comin after you
Watch out!

[Chorus x4]
Go tell everybody ya know
That everybody ya know
Tell everybody ya know
This time I'm comin swingin

[Verse 2]
So I'm a psycho
I could deal wit it
Ain't no thang
It's ok I agree I love bringin the pain

And I'm not the only who loves they hatchet
Swinging it with perfection
From plenty of practice
I'm just a native
That's out for kill
It's time to battle
So understand I'm comin for real
I don't think when it happens
It just comes to me
And if I can't walk away
I stand so they can see

When you step into the ring, ready to do yo thang
Come swingin, What!, Come swingin
If they love to talk cause a fights what they want
Come swingin, What!, Come swingin


The hatchet warrior,
yet another psychopathic, known to kill anyone in his,

[Verse 3]
Sharp like an axe blade
Swift on my feet
Born to come hard
With my animal instincts
Nightcrawlin to watch yo health
I'm the sound that you hear when you by yourself
Like a killa on the streets
I be that's me
Comin hotter than the sun cause I'm bringin the heat
So if you Rollin wit me come on
It's time to get the show on
And bring it to these mother fuckers
Actin like they so grown
Break em down like a bag of some boot weed
And tell them you ain't someone to defeat
Put it out there so that it's known
That the hatchet better come swingin or go home

[Chorus x8]