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(2004) - Living Legends

You Don't Want Drama

8Ball & MJG You Don't Want Drama

Straight Cadillac Pimpin'

8Ball & MJG Straight Cadillac Pimpin' Shannon Jones

We Do It

8Ball & MJG We Do It Bun B

The Streets

8Ball & MJG The Streets Bun B

Shot Off

8Ball & MJG Shot Off Ludacris

When It's On

8Ball & MJG When It's On P. Diddy

Trying To Get At You

8Ball & MJG Trying To Get At You 112

Baby Girl

8Ball & MJG Baby Girl P. Diddy


8Ball & MJG Forever Lloyd

Look At The Grillz

8Ball & MJG Look At The Grillz Twista T.I.

Don't Make

8Ball & MJG Don't Make

Memphis City Blues

8Ball & MJG Memphis City Blues Poo Bear


8Ball & MJG Confessions Poo Bear